The Teknoist

Miike Teknoist has been part of the underground hardcore scene since his early teens as a fresh faced boy from “The Bay”. He sharpened his teeth and started to gain his fearsome reputation as a DJ playing nights such as North, Rebellion, and Oblivion. His early production skills took much influence from legendary Hardcore artists such as Hellfish, Dolphin, and The DJ Producer. His production quickly took on a distinctive sound of his own, fusing influences from throughout the musical spectrum, which coagulated into a unique Core based audio nail bomb!

Much of his early work, which included releases on labels such as Deathchant and Planet Mu, were written on a beat up lap top and sennheiser headphones; proving that hardware and tons of studio equipment is no replacement for pure passion and talent. The creativity, attention to detail, and substance that backed up these early releases is still very apparent in his recent tracks. His sound is one of soft synths pared with severe sample manipulation. Musical Fury mixed with technical patience.

Ninja Columbo was formed by The Teknoist in 2005 as a platform to release Core, which would not only destroy the dance floor, but display a wide appreciation for music beyond the aforementioned dance floor boogie. With tracks from partners in crime Dolphin and Scheme Boy, alongside The Teknoist’s solo productions, the label went from strength to strength delivering music many saw as groundbreaking within the confines of hardcore techno. Ninja Columbo recently spawned the deformed offspring label, Samurai Brylcream, which carried on the Ninja legacy, but added some new names to the ranks. Ninja Columbo, after a year hiatus, is back with its first 2 EPs primed and ready to rock.

The Teknoist’s reputation as a performer, using both Ableton and up to 4 turntables, almost surpasses his recorded output, and has seen him tour the world extensively from Manchster to Tokyo, Moscow, across Europe and pretty much everywhere in between.

His debut album on Ad Noiseam “Like a Hurricane Made of Zombies” further demonstrated his genre blending hybrid of drum&bass&step&core (as he puts it) ;). Never one to pigeon hole his sound beyond describing it as a “Big Fuck Off Rave”, this seminal album firmly reinstated his musical intentions. His second album on Ad Noiseam, “Train Wreck Magnetism” featured remixes from some of his idols and peers, (Mike Paradinas, Hecq, and Drumcorps *another Anger exclusive Artist), alongside collaborations and solo tracks. This album confirmed the eternal fan boy in him and was noted as one of the best albums “for grinding your teeth to at night”. Result!

With other releases on Anticlone, Peace Off, Death$ucker, Lost Frequency, Nekrolog1K, Rebelscum, and Sustained, he has firmly got the backing of the most notable labels in the scene. With eyes firmly set on which labels he wants to work with in the future, you can be sure of more big releases, on big labels, delivering yet more, Big Fuck Off Raves!

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